Trade In Your TV at Currys and Comet

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With The World Cup just a month away there's a whole bundle of television offers and deals encouraging you to upgrade in time for kick off. There's also 3D TV making it's debut plus of course there's HD to consider.

To encourage you to trade in your television, Sony have launched a scrappage scheme. Take your TV along to the likes of Comet, John Lewis, Tesco, Marks and Spencer or selected independents and you'll get money off a new Sony Bravia TV. Currys are believed to be involved but there's no details on their site.

By trading in your old TV you can get up to 150 off a new Sony Television. The amount you receive depends on the set you choose to buy.

The Sony scrappage scheme isn't restricted to TVs. There are options to trade in old cameras, MP3 Players, camcorders and DVD Players. There's a detailed explanation how it all works over at Comet.

As mentioned there are plenty of TV deals in place for The World Cup and it's worth checking a few deals, especially if you're considering the Sony Scrappage offer. For example Currys are offering 10 for every goal England scores when you buy a TV over 599. Also, if you buy a Toshiba TV at Comet and England win the World Cup you'll get the TV free!

One thing worth noting about buying a new TV now is that many brands will be bringing out new models soon to cash in on 3D TV. The price of these sets will come down later in the year, and whilst a new TV for The World Cup would be nice, you might save a few pounds waiting to buy a television until later in the year.

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