Free Meerkat Toy With Car Insurance

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If you know your meerkats from your markets then you could get a free and exclusive meerkat toy! As part of the Simples Rewards Scheme through, the villagers of Meerkovo will reward you with one of six thrillsy toys if you purchase car, home or van insurance.

You could end up being rewarded with a free toy just like Steve Smith in the recent advert. However, don't expect Aleksandr Orlov, and Sergei to deliver your free gift.

Once you've purchased car, van, pet or home insurance after using you need to claim your toy by visiting the special claim section. You will need your policy details in order to claim and the toy can only be claimed by the policy holder. You must claim within 60 days too.

If you've ordered your free meerkat toy and haven't received it yet then you can track it's status via the website. Apparently it uses the same techology as the 'Meer' space station!

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